OFFICIAL STATE BODYGUARD COURSE:    Only $275.00!! New updated DPS- RSD course

This course is required by the state of Texas to allow you to work as a Personal Protection Officer (bodyguard/executive protection), which also allows you to work in plain-clothes and carry concealed while on duty. All officer will complete a 30 hour course which includes classroom and live fire exercises.

 Level 4 Course


This course was designed by DPS-RSD to give the average working security officer short exposure and a basic foundation to the PPO. To become a PPO, officers   will need extensive training and experience that far exceeds the State’s course. This course will exceed the State’s minimum standards of only 15 hours. This course includes a block of instruction utilizing precision shooting from the vehicle.

This class, will provide officers a way to prepare for work as a professional protection officer. This course will fulfill and exceeds the State’s standards, provides officers with the certificate to get a PPO license, and gives officers a foundation on which to build knowledge and experience on. Obviously it will take longer than a few days before you can be considered ready to protect a client, but by taking this course the officer has elevated their training and professionalism and placed themselves in the position for success in the industry. Currently, DPS-RSD only requires you to attend a 15-hour course. This course, will be provided double the hours, double the experience, and double the instruction needed to become a Personal Protection Officer.

All Officers will be exposed to drawing from concealed holsters, and shooting both strong and weak hand. All students will perform basic drills such as: Reflex fire, shooting from cover, shooting from vehicles, shooting from different positions, shooting on the move, shooting active moving targets, along with basic drills and exercises that directly relate to protection work.




·                Classroom/Seminar

·                Checklists

·                Pre-Planning & Threat Assessments

·                Client Contact/Interaction

·                Force Options

·                Exterior/Interior Procedures

·                Response to Incidents & Threats

·                Advanced Handgun Course

·                Firing Range

·                Pepper Spray Certification

·                Weaponless Defensive Tactics

·                Overt & Covert Protection

·                Escalation/De-escalation of Force

·                Protection at a Location

·                Protection on the Move

·                Communication/Reports/Radios/Vehicles

·                Logistics of Security Detail/Checklists


·              Official State Training Course

·              Official State Exam

·              Additional Classroom Handouts

·              PowerPoint Presentation

·              Training Videos

·              Firearms Proficiency Course Included

·              Advanced Handgun Course Included

·              Weapons provided at no cost, If needed

·              Holsters provided at no cost, If needed

·              Range Fees Included

·              Hearing Protection Included

·              Eye Protection Included

·              Use of many Training Aids

·              Bodyguard Certificate of Completion

·              Pepper Spray Certificate of Completion