O.C. Course

OFFICIAL COURSE:    Only $50.00!!


Commonly called O.C. or “Pepper Spray,” Oleoresin Capsicum is a convenient aerosol spray that is used as a non-lethal protection device. When used before hands-on defense in the escalation of force, there is less risk of injuries to all parties, and in most cases, the proper use results in ending the attack or resistance without having to go to the next level of force.

The effects of O.C. temporarily affects the skin, face, eyes, and respiratory system of the attacker for a short period of time.

O.C. is reliable and allows the opportunity to escape, end an attack, or gain compliance as a non-lethal use of force tool for Officers. O.C. (once used), can last from 10-30 minutes on the average person but washes off with cold water.


·              Product Knowledge, Types of Spray, Limitations, Etc.

·              Proper Stance, Drawing, and Positioning of the Equipment.

·              Proper Spraying Techniques, Disengagement, Proper Defensive.

·              Positions, Multiple Attacker Defense,  Contact & Cover System.

·              Minimize Injury to the Officer.

·              Minimize Injury to the Subject (which could lead to a Lawsuit).

·              Texas Use of Force Laws, Self Defense Laws.

·              Proper Reporting of your Use of Force Incident.

·              Scenarios including even if you’re on the ground or have been sprayed yourself.

·              Quick Decontamination for Officers still in a Threat Area.

NOTICE: If you are working as a Security Officer in the state of Texas, you must complete an OC course in order to posses or carry OC. Yes, we understand any citizen can carry it; however, DPS requires “licensed” security guards using it as a profession to complete an OC class.