Only  $100.00 per student

(Please note if you do not bring your own gun and ammo you will be required to rent a firearm and buy 50 rounds of ammo in order to qualify for the LTC)

Firearm rental $25.00

Includes 50 rounds of Ammo 

What was once called the ‘Concealed Handgun License’ (CHL), has now been combined with Open Carry, and is now officially “License To Carry” (LTC). This is the official State-approved course through The Department of Public Safety for both Open Carry and Concealed Carry within the state of Texas.


The State of Texas has adopted legislation that allows its law abiding citizens to either Concealed Carry or Open Carry their handguns for self-protection.

There is only one course and one license, as it will allow you to carry both Open or Concealed as needed in public (or allowed on a certain property). The State of Texas did recently approve Open Carry in January 2016, however you still need this course and State license in order to allow you to do so, as it was not an automatic Open Carry to everyone.

To obtain a License To Carry (LTC), the State of Texas requires successful completion of a certified course given by State certified Instructors which is outlined by the Texas Department of Public Safety and covers four main topics: Texas Laws, Handgun Use & Safety, Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, and Proper Gun Storage.

The Department of Public Safety has designed this course which all Instructors must follow to the “T” without any alterations to their program, course outline, standards, or information provided. The official course can be no less than four hours which cannot include breaks, lunch, testing, or range qualification.

All students must attend the entire course given by licensed LTC Instructors, pass a written exam (25 questions), and qualify with a firearm using the provided DPS course of fire and a B-27 target.

The LTC course will run a total time from start to finish of approximately 5 hours. Each student that successfully completes the course will receive the signed form (CHL-100), which is then sent to DPS (by the student), for your license.

Please note that only The Department of Public Safety can issue you a License To Carry after fees are paid, a background check is complete, and you submit proof this course was completed.

We agree, there are many outstanding tactical handgun classes and advanced weapon courses out there; however, no LTC class is meant to be that, so why waste your money going elsewhere if it is only the basic LTC certification that you seek?

Being taught how to defend yourself, proper gun safety, and what the laws are should not cost an arm and a leg for a one-day basic gun class.

At TPS, we have the consumer and their budget in mind. We know times are tough, and with gun prices and ammunition on the rise, we wanted to offer everyone a great price for a short class to get you going, certified, and protected.

Texas License to Carry course guidelines

Due to the fact that the Department of Public Safety has designed this class and has specific guidelines that all LTC Instructors must follow their class format, this restricts all LTC Instructors from doing their own thing or adding in course points not in the DPS syllabus.