Texas Protection Services offers K-9 security patrols to the private and public sectors.  They are often used in high crime and drug infested apartment complexes.  All K-9 handlers are state-licensed security officers and our K-9s are extensively tested for sociability, courage and obedience, and undergo many months of training. 

K-9 Training


  All Texas Protection Service dogs are trained by Chief Crane and Officer Chris Vasquez of Texas K9 Commanders in Arlington Texas. Our German Sheppards come from a long line of excellent blood lines, including the Sire: Nox Von Felessucht Bach and Dam: Dora Mania Bohemia.  Both trainers are Licensed by the State Of Texas and take pride in the way each dog is trained. 


   K9 dogs are expected to perform well in various situations, such as finding a suspect through smell, protecting its handler, finding hidden objects in a 150’x150′ area, knowing how to respond when under fire, and detecting explosives and narcotics. Before a handler can start working with a dog as an official Service dog, the dog must pass the normative service test, or can be bought, fully prepared, from Texas K9 Commanders. 

  A K9 officer and his or her dog, should undergo lessons in maintaining the service dog normative once a week. A K9 handler and a service dog improve their work per Shutzhund dog training, tracking training, bomb detection, and K9 tactics. We simulate different situations that may pop up during serious security work, using automobiles, a garage, sport , elementary schools, shopping centers, etc.