Baton Training Course for Security Officers


The baton is a great Non-lethal use of force option or tool for security professionals and law enforcement officers. Each course combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on performance of techniques and testing in a concise and practical manner. Our training certificates are recognized and accepted nationwide.


While there are many baton courses out there, to include PR-24, Handler-12, MEB, ASP, and types of batons such as Straight stick/PR-24/ Expandable types, etc., we wanted to provide the working security professional with something new and something that has never been done before.

We decided to construct a class that combined all three types of batons still in use today into one class and certify you on all three. We have found some security agencies prefer one type of baton over another, and we have found some batons work better in certain circumstances over the other. Why not train and certify you on all three so that you are knowledgeable and trained no matter which type you carry?


·              The Straight Stick

·              The PR-24

·              The Expandable


·              Product Knowledge Types of Batons, Limitations, Etc.

·              Proper Stance, Drawing, and Positioning of the Equipment.

·              Blocks, Strikes, Jabs, Counter Strikes, Retention.

·              Positions, Multiple Attacker Defense, Contact & Cover System.

·              Minimize Injury to the Officer.

·              Minimize Injury to the Subject (which could lead to a Lawsuit).

·              Texas Use of Force Laws, Self Defense Laws.

·              Proper Reporting of your Use of Force Incident.

Our course is a well-rounded simple training approach that provides Officer protection while defending an attack.

Graduates will receive a wall certificate and a pocket card at the completion of the class.

NOTICE: In the state of Texas, you must be a licensed Level 3 Commissioned Officer and complete a baton course in order to posses or carry any type of baton – if not, it is a Felony