Our Team consists of highly trained officers which meet the State Of Texas requirements to hold the License of Commissioned Officers,     Non-Commissioned Officers, Personal Protection Officers, and Private Investigators. Texas Protection Services also has a Tactical Team set up for Emergency Response and High Crime areas.

Training Academy

Texas Protection Services Training Academy provides individuals with the keys to success by real world training.  Classes are hands on and meet all requirements mandated by the State Of Texas.  Our indoor range is ready for you!  We also shoot at an outdoor location.


                        * License To Carry

                        * Level II

                        * Level III

                        * Level IV

                        * OC/Baton/Handcuffing

                        * Duty Rifle

                        * PPCT ( Hand to Hand ) 

                        * Tactical OPS

Security Services

Texas Protection Services offers a wide range of security services.  Please contact us for a FREE Security Assessment.  We can custom create a service for you and your assets.  Texas Protection Services has over 50 years of security and Law Enforcement experience, and is here for your security needs.


Texas License B19877